epoxy coating

Create unique & durable   look to your outdate  concrete floor.

NKN Professional Painting Ltd. in Edmonton has
experience in Epoxy coating.

Epoxy coating is a new technique which gives an enhanced and upgraded look.

Epoxy flooring is a way to get a different immaculate view in a more secure way since it is slip resistant.

The advantage of epoxy flooring is to secure and give out a modern and fancy look as well as select different colours. Another advantage of epoxy flooring is that your structures will not be impacted by many factors like placing heavy equipment on top, driving on it, parking on it, as well as, it is extremely durable!

Epoxy coating can be applied to your garage floor, driveways, porches, old tiles, washroom, warehouse floors, Shop floors, Basement floor, kitchen floor. Etc.

Create the look of polished concrete or aggregate floors.

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